Slot games suitable for a literature lover

Slot games have been in existence for over a century. They have come a long way to feature varying themes that range from historical references to current trends, and story lines derived from renowned books. Slot machine designs that are based on popular books appeal to a wide range of players and enhance entertainment. Here’s a list of slots for literature lovers.

Sex and the City and Lord of the Rings

Sex and the City utilises feminine symbols that appeal to a wider audience base. The slot game features four best friends who live in New York and their promiscuous lifestyles. Players are often treated to scenes from the TV programme during bonus rounds. It also features five progressive jackpots that are won during corresponding bonus rounds.

Lord of the Rings is a penny themed slot machine game that takes players through a thrilling journey in middle earth. Follow Gandalf the Grey, Frodo Baggins and other popular characters to conquer rivals and unlock rewarding bonus rounds. The slot game offers a free power spin feature throughout the game that allows players to increase outcomes during certain game stages.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Alice and the Mad Tea Party

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory features familiar imagery from its reference book, like dancing oompa loompas and the illustrious golden ticket that appears during the bonus round to award winners with the game’s jackpot. One bonus round depicts the famous Wonka factory chocolate river. Additionally, it is mobile compatible for those who wants to play on the phone.

This slot game triggers players to explore the classic Alice and Wonderland story line. It features many different characters from the beloved tea party scene which makes this a very familiar slot. The slot game offers seven bonus features that include characters and themes from the story. Five bonus rounds are activated randomly but, the game does not offer an overall jackpot.