Jane Austin

Jane Austen was an English author (1775-1817) and is well known for her books, many of which have been adapted into films. Her 6 most popular books, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park and Persuasion are still very popular today and are read by young and old alike. However, if you prefer to read more about taxes, go to taxnomad.com.

The novels

The books Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility were all published between 18-11 and 18-15 and her other two novels Northanger Abbey and Persuasion were published in 1818 after her death. All of these novels are based on the well to do lifestyles of the English gentry and they also focus on the independence and the lifestyles of women in the 18th century.

Popularity in the world of literature today

Jane Austen is a popular author today because of the content of her novels; they are classic stories that never date and with a highly descriptive quality.  Due to the classical style and the descriptive nature of these novels, everyone and anyone can read them, lose themselves in them and therefore transport themselves back to those days in the 1800’s where a woman wearing jeans was unheard of because the de rigueur style was that of corseted dresses and a bonnet and for the men; to go without a waistcoat and a pocket watch would have been scandalous. The novels are studied in schools as part of the English Literature curriculum because they are known as classic literature and they are a fantastic base from which one can springboard into their life of reading. Many people have tried to emulate Jane Austen’s novels however none of them will ever top the original novels because there is a special feel and quality to the way she writes her novels that only she can capture.

Other literary works

Besides the above titles there are now other published novels which sadly were uncompleted before the death of Jane Austen. The complex scene settings in these novels which were written before her death has enabled another writer called Margaret Drabbe to continue with these stories and turn them into published works. These stories are called Lady Susan, The Watsons and Sanditon and can all be found published into one book by Penguin Classics.

The novels of Jane Austen will undoubtedly be around for years to come and will always be classic literature that will forever remain in print.