Interesting English Literature Facts

Some of the bizarre facts about English literature

English is the most famous language in the world and it does not get this status just without a reason. As strict as it is, it also has its share of very interesting facts that sets it apart from all the other languages in the world. Some are funny, others seem dumb but they all fall under this category. Here are some of the most interesting facts you will ever come across:

Origin of the English Literature

English Literature propped up in 1450 in Britain in what was known as the British Aisles. The origin came about when W. Caxton discovered that it was possible to put any form of writing on paper and also produce it in bulk after he came up with the printing press. This was the period when King Henry the 8th was in power. During the period, the Monarchy is recorded to have fallen out with the Catholic Church and King Henry saw this as a great opportunity to spread propaganda.

About English Books

One of the most expensive English books to ever exist to date was that of Leonardo Da Vinci – Codex Leicester which sold for a ‘mere’ 30 million dollars. Of course it was purchased by someone who could afford it; the richest man on earth – Bill Gates.


The longest sentence to have ever been written and printed was by Victor Hugo in his book ‘Les Miserables’. It is said to be 823 words long. It actually covers two pages long and therefore we cannot put it in this article.


At the same time, the longest book on earth is called ‘Remember of Things Past’ written by M. Proust which is 9.6 million characters long. He is said to have put all his life experiences in this book and that is why it is that long.


Interesting enough, the book ‘Alice in Wonderland is banned in China. Reason? It suggests that animals are not equal to human beings and therefore they should not be taught how to speak and write.


All the plays written Shakespeare were played by men. All the roles were taken up by men because at that time it was considered a taboo for women to take up roles in the theatre.


The longest play in History is ‘The mouse trap’ which was written by C. Agatha

About Words

F. Scot Fitzgerald is believed to be the author of some of the words we use in everyday life that you would not believe. He is the first person to use the words T-Shirt and Wicked.

Hazardous, horrendous, tremendous and stupendous are the only words that end with the letters ‘Dous’ in the English language.


Listen and silent have exactly the same letters and they happen to be related.


If you turned the word ‘swims ‘upside down, you will still have the same word and you will be able to read it.


Unputdownable is a true English word that means that the book you are reading is so engaging that you cannot stop reading it.


There you have it; some very interesting facts about the English literature that you can impress with.