Casino Royale: James Bond 007

James Bond: Casino Royale facts many do not know

The James Bond series is one of the most followed sequels in history, having first produced as a book which later turned out into one of the best movie series in the world. The James Bond series crops up from the novels written by the iconic book writer Ian Fleming in 1953. Many people know about James Bond as an iconic figure and their hero, but few know much about the sequel. That is why we set out the record straight below. If you want to read more about casinos themselves, click here to find out more.


Fleming wrote a draft of the book in 1952, and then published his first novel in 1953. At the time Fleming was living in Jamaica where he had decided to settle after the end of WWII. He had bought some prospective piece of land where he built a grand house he nick named ‘The Golden Eye’. He decided to build a homestead in this island in spite of the harsh weather. That is where he settled and penned down the series.

The Plot

First of all, James Bond is a fictitious character, a fact many people do not recognize. He is a secret British agent who works for the British secret service also known as MI6. Once recruited, he is given the code name 007 in order to hide his identity. His first major assignment was to head to France and outplay a wealthy and ruthless tycoon at a casino known as ‘Royale-les-Eaux’. That’s where the tittle came from. They are supposed to play the game of Baccarat and ensure that he wins all the money from Le Chiffre the wealthy tycoon. Bond at this point is supposed to masquerade as a wealthy man from the island of Jamaica.

As a precaution, bond is given an assistant who is also a wealthy agent from Russia known as Lynd. Two other agents are also placed on location to observe 007 one from France’s Bureau of investigation and another one from the CIA.


Le happens to beat bond at the baccarat table taking over all the initial money he had received, but the MI6 sends him additional money to complete the mission. On the second round, he beats Le of all his money which infuriates Le. Le decides to torture Bond demanding all his stash back. During the torture period, Le’s own organization sends an assassin who kills him and eventually rescues bond.

As bond is recuperating Lynd offers him some helping hand which eventually turns out with Bond falling in love with her. The two start an affair, which continued even when Bond gets out of hospital but they later discover that they were being followed and watched. That’s when Lynd comes out clean and informs bond that she was a secret agent from Russia and that she had been assigned to distract bond after she commits suicide and leaves a note. The story takes on another twist with Bond getting infuriated because he had fallen in love.

James Bond 007: Casino Royale

This is an exhilarating episode that led to the development of other 12 books in the same series, and other short stories. Over 26 movies have been made to date on the same sequel staring numerous stars in the film industry. The Casino Royal movie was remade again in 2006, featuring David Craig as the latest James Bond. Other writers were also involved in writing more contemporary versions of the series after Fleming died in 1962.